воскресенье, 20 мая 2012 г.

Spring colors

I can't believe it's weekend finally!
I spent several months living in crazy studying regime, having no time to sleep enough, should I continue talking about why I haven't written here? 
But now I feel so relaxed and happy, you can't imagine. 
So ! Here are some things I have chosen for this Spring 2012. My choice is:
Bright things, plain blouses/pants/cardigans/skirts/shirts and so on + unusual accessories, the photos of which I'll show you later. Spending time sitting in the boring classroom all winter and even now, I missed colorful clothes so much, so I decided not to wait for summer and to wear this beauties now!








Green Jacket - River Island
Blue Shirt - Mango
Yellow Cardigan - Mango
Bag - River Island
Purse - Mango
Flats - Marc by Marc Jacobs

And some "photo-efforts"- pics taken by me recently





Best wishes

воскресенье, 1 апреля 2012 г.

Something to start with

Hey guys, here's the place where I'd like to share my ideas with you.
As I think, art is one of the most interesting and fascinating things that I have ever tried, so I'll show you how I enjoy music, fashion, photography, and my adoration - traveling.

I'm only 14 years old really, I live in Russia and English is my second language, so please forgive my spelling mistakes and so on.

The first and the latest taken photo (just to start with):


Massimo Dutti sweater
Zara shorts
Just black tights
And under the sweater benetton T-shirt